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I enjoy meeting people from all over the world, and I make it my mission to provide memorable tours and experiences for my clients, something I have been doing since the mid 1980’s. After working and living on wine farms in Franschhoek, and over 25 years in the wine industry, both here and abroad, I use this experience to offer tours at every level of interest.

When I am not busy guiding, I spend time researching and exploring new options to help keep my tours fresh, interesting and relevant – which means that returning clients will discover something new every time we go out.


Take a look at what I offer and get in touch if you would like to tour with me.  It is always a privilege to share my world of wine with others.

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Cellar Chat with Mark Tanner

Corks or Screwcaps?

Corks or Screwcaps?

Corks or screwcaps? Haven't we all read or heard of the pros and cons for each?  After all, we know there is a serious need to severely regard the oxidation process. In essence, the romance of the cork is giving way to the more sterile (in more ways than one)...

Do glasses make a difference to the wine?

Do glasses make a difference to the wine?

Once upon a time, it was fashionable to drink bubbly from a shallow, bowl-shaped glass called a 'Coup', reputedly to have been modelled on Marie Antoinette's left breast. Then science stepped in and revealed (after how many experimental drinks ?) that the technically...

Grapes Ripen, Are Harvested, and Made Into Wine

Grapes Ripen, Are Harvested, and Made Into Wine

Grapes ripen, are harvested, and made into wine. Then comes the awkward part, how to sell the stuff? This exercise is compounded by ever-increasing competition in the market place so how does one manage to elevate one's product to the required visibility? Not easy....