Privacy Policy

Persons accessing the Winelands Uncorked website subject themselves to and agree to Winelands Uncorked terms conditions and privacy policy, as set out below.


We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. I am Mark Tanner of Winelands Uncorked, and this is my plan of action for the protection of your personal information. It describes how we collect, use, disclose, and store your personal information.


This policy applies to you when you visit our website, or book my services as a wine tour guide or have any interaction with me that was initiated by yourself.

Personal information

Scope. Your personal information includes information we collect:

  • automatically when you visit our website;
  • book my services as a wine tour guide;
  • have any interaction with me initiated by you; or
  • you provide voluntarily.

It excludes anonymous, de-identified, statistical, and public information.

Your obligations. Sending us your personal information is mandatory to book my services as a wine tour guide, make an enquiry and receive any services from me. You may request to have such information deleted once any matter has been concluded by notifying me via Email, WhatsApp or Phone. You may only send me someone else’s personal information if you have their permission to do so. Should you send me someone else’s information without their permission, you are solely liable for any legal issues in doing so.

Acceptance and changes

Acceptance. You may not make any bookings, booking enquiries, general enquiries and/or engage in any of my services if you do not accept this policy or any changes to it.

Changes. I may change this policy at any time and any change will be noted as a change in this document. It is up to you to consult this document should you see the need to do so to keep updated with any changes. The changed policy applies to you if you continue using our website, make a booking, a booking enquiry, general enquiries and engage with us in any way whatsoever.


Automatically through the website. When you visit our website, I automatically collect your Internet usage information (including your IP address, browser details, and usage information) through your browser, which I may use to display our website correctly, track your activities on it, or for other necessary purposes.

On making a booking or submitting any enquiry whatsoever. I require you to provide me with certain identifying information (including your first name, surname, and email address) when you book my services as a wine tour guide, make enquiries of any kind and have any interaction with me as engaging in any of these activities is entirely your choice.

Voluntarily. I may ask you to provide me with certain optional information voluntarily.

Consent to collection. You give me consent to retain your personal information under applicable law when you provide me with it in any of the above criteria.

The purpose of the collection. I may process the information that you provide to me for the purposes that you indicated when you chose to provide it to me. Processing includes gathering your personal information, disclosing it, and combining it with other personal information.


Processing. I may process your personal information to fulfil my obligations to you.

Cookies. I may place small text files on your device when you visit the website that allows me to provide you with a personalised experience by associating your personal information with your device. They let me remember your preferences, allow third parties to provide services to you, and otherwise serve useful purposes for you. Your internet browser generally accepts them automatically, but you can often change this setting or delete them manually. However, I won’t be able to provide you with access to certain aspects of my website where cookies are necessary if you do so. I have no access to or control over any cookies that my business partners use on my website and they have privacy policies that govern them.

Messages. I may use your identifying information to send you administrative and update messages about my website via Email, WhatsApp or Phone.

Promotional messages. By booking my services as a wine tour guide, making enquiries of me or engaging with me in any way of your own volition, which is your choice to do so entirely, you automatically consent to me sending you promotional messages and various other marketing material. The onus is then on you, after initiating any communication with me, whatsoever, to opt-out of such Promotional and Marketing materials and messages. I will not ask permission from you for this if you have initiated any communications with me but take it as a given that you consent to any and all communication as the initiator of such conversation.

Targeted content. I may use your personal information to provide you with targeted content through my website in a completely automated process.


Sharing. I may share your personal information with third parties to fulfil my obligations to you, including with:

  • Any companies and services that are essential to providing my services to you and processing payments;
  • third parties as required by applicable law.

Honour this policy. I cannot hold third parties that I share your personal information as per above to honour this policy. I will endeavour to only use third party companies that have sound privacy policies that are similar to this one of mine. Any objection to this simply means that you can not use this service that I readily supply my clients.

Mandatory disclosure. I may disclose personal information to third parties if required for legal reasons, such as if required by the relevant authorities or court orders.

Personnel. I may need to disclose personal information to my personnel to do their jobs, but will not do so unnecessarily.


I take the security of personal information very seriously and always do my best to comply with applicable data protection laws. My hosting company hosts our website in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

My website has sufficient security software installed and active, the website’s software is regularly updated to the latest versions. I implement disaster recovery procedures where appropriate. Backups are frequently made and kept in a secure location.


Access. You may ask me to provide you with a description of the personal information that I hold on you, correct or update it or delete it (provided that I do not need it to fulfil our obligations to you or applicable law does not require me to keep it). I will take all reasonable steps to verify your identity before doing so. I may charge a fee to recoup our costs associated with this request if there is a cost to be associated with it and provided that applicable law allows me to do so. Please contact me with your name and any other information needed to identify you correctly if you want access to information or want me to correct, update or delete it.

Accuracy. I will do my best to keep your personal information that I collect accurate, complete, and up to date.

Participation. I may ask you to update your personal information from time to time but will take steps to verify your identity to prevent unauthorised access when doing so.

Retention. I will only keep your personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfil my obligations to you unless you have permitted me to keep it longer or I am otherwise legally allowed to do so.

Transfer. I may transfer your personal information outside of the country in which it was collected to a foreign country. You consent to me processing your personal information in a foreign country with less stringent data protection laws than the country in which it was collected.


Updating or removing. You may update or remove your personal information:

Limitation. I am not responsible for anyone else’s privacy policies or practices.

Enquiries. Please contact me on the above link if you have any questions about this privacy policy or how I handle your personal information.