In Europe, with old world vineyards and wines, old world traditions still linger in particular regard to the UK wine trade.

There is a perspective that both wine merchants and wine producers are gentlemen.   It would be incorrect to discuss prices until at least after two or three meetings.    Once a business arrangement is in place both parties make sure that an element of trust is secured.  After a period of trading, and depending on those concerned, it would be proper for the merchant to invite his supplier to spend a little time together relaxing.   This might well take the form of an invitation to go fly fishing for trout.     As the relationship develops the supplier, if lucky, may be invited to go fishing for salmon in Ireland.  At a later date, if very lucky, the supplier could be asked to join a hunt for Stag in the Scottish Highlands, and to enjoy all the traditional trimmings that it entails.

Such a climb through the various steps of hospitality indicates that one has ‘arrived’ and may even be repeated over generations.